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COVID-19 Pandemic

Date: Monday, 16 Mar 2020 08:00 AM
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Dear valued customers, partners, suppliers and fellow citizens,

Absol would like to assure you all that as an organisation we are acting responsibly and would like to urge all our clients to do so as well.

We are monitoring the information provided very closely and are continually watching the spread of COVID-19 (Corona virus) very carefully and should any official directives be issued we will follow the actions immediately. We treat the health and wellness of our clients and partners with paramount importance and take pride in providing you and our staff with a safe and clean service. We will be following guideline which we need clients to actively support in the most responsible manner so as to minimise the risk of localised transmission.

South Africa, as a country was until recently in the containment phase of the disease. This means that there were only imported infections as opposed to local transmission. We have now heard of local transmission which means we need to be extra vigilant.

During this phase there is no recommendation to close businesses but there are guidelines as to what we should be doing to contain the spread of the disease. In order to successfully contain the disease, it takes clear guidelines and of course the willingness of the community to comply. This is important for our communities where clients have traveled recently to various countries. The same applies to family and friends who are arriving on visits to South Africa.

We are being proactive while maintaining calm. There is no cause for anxiety, please can you too spread this temperament to all around you. We are responsible citizens who are helping others as opposed to using fear as the mechanism for compliance.

Hygiene is of the utmost importance. Our staff understand that one of the most important aspects of containing this pandemic is education around effective personal hygiene. If any client feels ill or is visibly coughing or shows any signs of infection, they should cancel any scheduled appointment with our staff and rather utilise remote support technologies and should remain at home and speak with their doctor. As a technology company we will be using remote support technologies and video conferencing as much as possible in the coming weeks/months and would encourage you to do the same wherever possible.

For anyone arriving back to South Africa from a country where localised transmission has occurred (which would include all of the high risk countries as well as countries such as the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy and Australia), please do not come into our premises for 14 days and self-quarantine according to the NCID guidelines.

We are aware that this information shared may cause concern or even panic, but this is not our intention.

We want you (and our staff) to feel safe to continue working together as we are all being vigilant.

Kind regards,
The Absol Team

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