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MasterSkill Partner Online :.

Absol developed and launched the Masterskill Partner Online Portal utilising the company’s AbsolPublisher Content Management Server. Partner companies were able to source valuable information and communicate with Masterskill more efficiently via the internet in a secure environment which provided relevant access to information to partners based on their profile credentials.

Absol was also awarded a service contract entrusting them with full development responsibility and technical support services for Masterskill, South Africa’s leading supplier of technology enhanced training products and services. Absol supported and improved the entire range of electronic products and services marketed by Masterskill in Southern Africa.

Absol provided Masterskill customers with direct technical support services, and managed a telephone, email and web based call-logging facility servicing Masterskill’s blue-chip client base.

The range of services provided to Masterskill and their clients included product feature additions and enhancements, and on-site deployment, support and training needs.

In addition, to complete the one-stop solution offering, secure and reliable internet hosting services were provided for Masterskill's various web sites.