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Our Guarantee of Service Excellence:

Behind every successful business lies a team of dedicated professionals who ensure the very best service levels and implement solutions to the highest quality standards.

This is the value that drives us to provide our customers with exceptional service and product functionality that is practical, powerful, reliable and user-friendly.

Internet/Networking :.

Absol has been providing Internet, networking and connectivity services since 1996, originally as a member of the Club Internet (LeClub) franchised ISP group, one of the first Internet Service Providers in South Africa, until it was sold in 1999.

Today, Absol is a 2nd tier ISP and a Value Added Partner with the country's leading 1st tier ISP, Internet Solutions. Through this partnership, Absol represents the full suite of solutions marketed by Internet Solutions but is also able to offer a cost-effective alternative to businesses that do not require mission critical services.

A list of internet related and networking services that Absol provides are listed below:

  • Corporate internet connectivity
    • Diginet, Leased Lines
    • ADSL
    • Wireless (MyWireless and VSTAR) 
    • 56k dial-up and ISDN access
    • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
    • VPN over GPRS and HSCSD cellphone technology
    • Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Cisco technical support
  • Router configuration
  • Domain name services
  • Corporate Email solutions and SMS integration
  • Security and Firewalls
  • Hosting services
    • Linux and Microsoft platforms
    • Local and International infrastructure
    • Shared, Dedicated and Co-location
  • Consulting
  • Corporate networking solutions, Ethernet and Wireless