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The Company

Since 1985, MicrOpay has been at the forefront of payroll and people management technology in Australia. MicrOpay's customer base consists of over 5,000 enterprises of all shapes and sizes, in all sectors, from small business to large corporations, not for profit and local government.

The Website

The MicrOpay website was developed primarily to be an interactive information delivery service for existing customers and website users seeking information on MicrOpay’s product offerings.

The site is a gateway through which users can perform a number of important tasks and communicate with MicrOpay consultants in a simple and effective manner.

  1. Clients with an existing MicrOpay client number can register and login to the website to receive support and product updates specific to their product.
  2. Applicants can search for, review and apply for job vacancies listed on the website.
  3. People looking for training in MicrOpay software can not only view up and coming seminars, but can also book seminars directly from the website. 
  4. Potential customers can review MicrOpay’s product and service offerings.
The Initial Challenge

The MicrOpay website contains several features which surpass the standard functionality commonly associated with a Content Management System. Complete interactivity with users was necessary and as such, either an exceptionally flexible system or a large amount of custom development was needed to cover their requirements.
The Solution

The website design was formulated based on MicrOpay’s existing corporate image. The design was kept relatively simple to allow for maximum flexibility across the major sections of the site, and this idea worked well in extending MicrOpay's brand.

Andrew Kinnear, Chief Architect of the AbsolPublisher Content Management system, says that the groundwork of the development was completed using AbsolPublisher in its default configuration and the remaining functionality was added by use of extra modules and custom templates. "One module was developed to facilitate interaction with MicrOpay's Customer Relationship Management system," stated Andrew. "Customer Logins need to be checked against client numbers contained in MicrOpay’s CRM system in order to verify the user as a valid MicrOpay customer."

The end result was a development that encapsulated a complete CRM strategy and provided an up-to-date dynamic website which constantly changes with the company, bringing extensive functionality to the end users.