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Maintaining a website can be adauntingandexpensive process. Keeping track of the content and making sure the final result is as you imagined it is almost impossible without theproper systems in place.

Website navigation needs to remain intact, look-and-feel of the website should remain consistent across the site, while at the same time, content must be of the highest quality at all times.

The perception of the website user should remain positive at all times and any unprofessional content or page on your site could inject doubts about your company into the user's mind. What you need is a Web Content Management system to manage the process, what you need is AbsolPublisher.

AbsolPublisher Key Features.
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What is AbsolPublisher?
Find out more about AbsolPublisher, what it is, and why it could help your company.
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Technical Overview.
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AbsolPublisher wins Best of Breed Award

AbsolPublisher was awarded the ComputerWeek Strategist Best of Breed Award in the CMS Category. We are honoured AbsolPublisher has been recognised as the best Content Management System in South Africa.
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AbsolPublisher willsave you timeupdating your website, it willreduce the total costof maintaining your website, and it will provide you with a website that willimprove the user's perception of your company.

On top of standard content management functions, AbsolPublisher incorporates many advanced modules which can be plugged in with ease.

Modules can also be easily developed and deployed according to customer requirements which makes AbsolPublisher flexible enough to cater for a large number of internet based systems.

The types of systems deployed using the AbsolPublisher solution include the following:

Detailed Product Overview:
  • Technical Overview
  • What is AbsolPublisher?
  • Key Features
  • Corporate Websites
  • Online Business Websites
  • Intranet Systems
  • Extranet Systems
  • Online Magazine

The developers of the AbsolPublisher Content Management System have extensive knowledge and over 20 years of experience in the field of internet development. Using the modular AbsolPublisher system, Absol will design an interface for your website, configure the system, and get your internet presence up and running in a matter of weeks. The AbsolPublisher system has been specifically designed to be flexible and dynamic and additional functionality can be easily 'plugged-in' as required.


As competitive as Absol's pricing already is, quotes are completed on demand, so you only pay for the modules you need.


AbsolPublisher has been designed with internet standards in mind and can provide seamless responsive user interfaces for any platform. Furthermore, AbsolPublisher exposes an API, which allows external systems to both push and pull information from the system.

On top of this, AbsolPublisher includes a server-side scripting language based on Java, called PEBBLE (Publishing Environment Basic Language Engine), and can be used by trained webmasters to maintain and add ad-hoc functionality to the website.

"...All of these functions provide a complete Web Management system to suit almost any requirements..."


Since scalability is always a concern, the system has a comprehensive caching system used to display commonly viewed pages in lightning-quick times. Many high-end websites use the system, and it has been tested extensively in many configurations. AbsolPublisher makes use of the latest cloudbased highly scalable Microsoft database solution, SQL Server.

The AbsolPublisher framework offers interfaces that allow a complete web solution to be implemented and controlled during its lifetime.

Absol also provides hosting and domain registration services but will install the system on any Windows-based server, as is required currently by a host of high-profile websites.

Document and data workflow is completely flexible. The AbsolPublisher system handles workflow processes automatically and time-based workflow options allow the automatic management of content associated schedules.


The functions above are a basic technical overview of the AbsolPublisher Content Management System. Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like more information.

AbsolPublisher is a Web Content Management System (WCMS). The system facilitates the capture, management and delivery of content on a website. AbsolPublisher is targeted at companies looking for a flexible, robust website management system. Many of the functions that AbsolPublisher fulfils revolve around structuring and managing website content.

What can AbsolPublisher do for me?

The main purpose of any corporate website is to expose information about the company to the users of the website. This, in turn, requires that many of the employees participate continuously toward maintaining the website so that content is consistently up-to-date. The employee then becomes responsible for publishing content to the web even though he lacks both the knowledge and the professional publishing background to deal with the content.  A Content Management System (CMS) such as AbsolPublisher can ease this by empowering the employee and automating many of his duties.

Remote Content Maintenance

Many companies that use an agency to create and maintain websites send their change requests for pages via e-mail or fax, and a Web designer has to take the task to create and edit the pages.

For a company's Intranet, one or more Webmasters or web-savvy employees handle these tasks, but often it is not their primary job responsibility and the task takes them away from their core job requirements. These people likely have a large daily list of tasks consisting of converting received documents into HTML and uploading them to the Web server, many times according to unclear directions of the contributor.

All manual approaches like these are time-consuming and add unnecessary expense to Website and Intranet maintenance. A CMS will help save your company time and money and help prevent errors in content transmission.

Efficient website management without HTML knowledge

While it takes HTML code to make a Web page, not every online editor or employee who contributes to a company's Web site should or can become a part-time programmer. With a content management solution, the need for editors to even know what the letters HTML stand for is eliminated.

Ideally, the person responsible for the content should not be concerned about the underlying technology. A powerful CMS solution ensures that current information is always in the right shape and place, without editors having to worry about HTML or technical complexities.

Roles and Responsibility

How do you keep the folks from other departments from making changes to areas of the site they are not supposed to access? Simply assign authorizations.

Websites, Intranets and Extranets create new roles for employees: system administrators, site supervisors, and editors. Some organizations need to develop access authorizations and process workflows for managing these sites.

Employees should be able to change only the information that is specific to their department or responsibilities. And companies must protect confidential data from unauthorized access. The system administrator must be able to map the company's reporting structure to the workflows in their content management system to ensure content accuracy and security.

Keep your website consistent

To prevent your site editors from ruining the look and feel of your Website- changing the size and shape of your logo or changing your corporate colours- a content management solution reinforcing design consistency is a must.

A Web site should have a consistent look; this is not only a question of corporate identity but also of ergonomics. Site visitors find it much more difficult to orient themselves if the navigation or design of a site changes from page to page or section by section.

Maintaining a consistent look is much easier to control when content is managed independently of the layout. A good CMS allows you to define areas that can be changed by the editors while other areas of a page are not accessible.

Separation of Content and Layout

In HTML page content, navigation and layout directions are not clearly separated from one another. What if content and layout need to be changed?

Text passages are mixed in with formatting instructions, links and scripts. The combined coding makes page maintenance a complicated process and requires the person(s) responsible for site maintenance to have strong HTML skills. Some tracking problems can be made easier by using software tools, but it is still difficult to keep the design of a Web site consistent.

When a site is restructured or redesigned, the redesign can mean adding or changing hundreds or thousands of pages. Without an administration system that keeps the content, design and navigation structure separate from one another, a major site redesign can be an almost impossible task.

Because a CMS solution will separate content from the layout and navigation of a site, these problems are removed. It is significantly easier to reorganize or even redesign a site structure without having to touch each page.

Content Workflow and Quality Control

When more than a few employees are involved in a project, you must set up mechanisms to retain quality standards.

Someone needs to check contributions and content before they can be released for publication. In many cases the "second pair of eyes" principle is sufficient: a new text must be submitted to the next senior person to check it before release.

Your content management system should be able to handle this and even more complex review processes. With AbsolPublisher, you are free to configure your review workflows as needed, even when they involve multiple reviewers.

Reuse existing content

Content, such as text or image, is too valuable to use only once.

ModernCMS's save the content without formatting commands, so you can publish it in a different form. For example, some online publishers use this type of capability to publish news to the disparate layouts of different online newspapers. You can also export content easily to other formats such as XML, WML for mobile applications.

Run interactive components online

Most commercial and corporate websites require more than just a management system to control information, they require Shopping baskets, Interactive Polls, Database integration and sometimes even custom development to meet their exact requirements.

AbsolPublisher caters for all of this, it is more than just a CMS, it's a complete website management and development solution, capable of meeting almost any requirement you might have.

Expand your visitor's experience by adding interactive components (such as voting polls and competitions) to your website.

AbsolPublisher allows easy integration with these components, allowing editors to add advanced functionality at the touch of a button.

Many of the different types of components are available as well and come standard with your AbsolPublisher installation.

And in the event that you come up with a component which does not already exist, we can build it and implement it for you.

Add that personal touch

Allow your users to personalize there browsing experience by creating a "members only" section.

Make your users feel special by allowing them to register for some personal attention.

Once registered, users can have access to special sections of the website, customize their landing page and receive Newsletters via Email, all managed from a single online HTML based Administration System.

Publish Syndicated Information and Syndicate Published information

Websites often need to either pull information from external sources or provide their information to external sources. AbsolPublisher allows external websites to share information with ease.

An advanced CMS should allow information to be imported from external sources automatically. Furthermore, information in a CMS may be useful to other systems. AbsolPublisher allows data to be syndicated into the system as well as out of the system, allowing automated exporting and importing of data. Furthermore, AbsolPublisher uses standards such as XML to achieve this, this means that minimal development is necessary when integrating two XML compliant systems.

The AbsolPublisher website management system allows you the freedom to do what you want when you want, where you want.

Hassle-free manipulation of content:

Classify documents easily through the use of a tree hierarchy. This makes locating documents simpler and helps to make your job easier.
Easily search for, add, remove and edit images and other components. Components can also be reused across the website, which saves time uploading images and other elements.
Easily design copy with the AbsolPublisher Content Editor. No HTML knowledge is needed and no upload process required; content is manipulated directly from your web browser.
Editing gets done through a familiar, easy-to-use interface. This means that you can access administration functions quickly and efficiently.
Update your website from any connected computer in the world. No client application installation necessary.
Manipulate content by clicking and dragging. This means that you can move documents, images, text and media around your website with ease.
Recover documents deleted by accident using the built-in recycle bin.


Rapid website development:

The system employs object-oriented design concepts and makes the AbsolPublisher system powerful, flexible and robust.
The dynamic structure means that you are not restricted to standard modules; plugins can be developed to meet your specific business requirements.


Get to know your user:

Control the information that is captured from your users by using the AbsolPublisher Form Designer.
Gather e-mail addresses, names and other information entered on your website and manage the collected data via the AbsolPublisher User Manager.


Offer an excellent user experience:

Provide a consistent design accross all pages and content displays.
Provide your users with interactive experiences by giving them access to discussion forums, voting polls and competitions, all handled from within the AbsolPublisher environment.
Offer a 'members only' section to your users, a premium service for your valued customers.
Customize your visitors' experience by delivering content specific to their requirements, based on their profiles and logged information.


Control content:

Specify the stages through which any given document must progress before going 'live' on your website. Control documents stages and workflow.
Eliminate bad copy from being exposed to your users.


Remove the need to manually publish content:

Automatically publish or archive content on any given date or time so you will not have to remember when to remove content from the website - it is done automatically.


Make sure your content stays intact:

Receive notifications when specified content is changed by someone other than yourself.
Control permissions on documents so that people who should not have access to certain information cannot add, view, edit or delete the information.


Automatic notification of content updating:

Choose to be notified when content becomes 'old' and needs to be updated.


Publishing permissions:

Control who has access to which content sections, pages, documents or media.


Keep in contact with your user-base:

Allow users to subscribe to your newsletter.
Generate sales leads through your user-base.
Send out email notifications to your user-base.
Send SMS messages to your users' mobile phones.


Syndicate content and share data between websites:

RSS functionality. AbsolPublisher provides fully automated XML support to make this possible.
Syndicate content from any source using AbsolPublisher's proprietary data-parser.
Push content to any number of destinations.
Import user-profile data from external sources, such as Microsoft Excel or CSV files.
Retrieve client login details from your CRM system or any external source.
Generate spreadsheets from your collected information.

Many corporate websites around the world are powered by the AbsolPublisher solution. These websites range from small corporate sites to expansive enterprise web solutions.

Functionality used by corporate websites has included the following:

  • Product listings
  • Corporate information management
  • Course Timetables and online course booking
  • Recruitment functions (management of job vacancies, applications and CV's)
  • Online Newsroom
  • Contact form and contact details
  • Support Center
  • Staff Listings

The following are examples of Corporate websites deployed using the AbsolPublisher solution:

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in more information regarding Corporate websites.

Online businesses are businesses whose income stream is generated mainly from a website or web system. This revenue could not only stem from online transactions but by advertisement sales and subscription fees for services offered on the website. Online business enterprises generally require a system that is flexible enough to handle a diverse set of requirements.

These may include the following:

  • Product information listings
  • Shopping basket management
  • Credit Card transaction management
  • Contact and enquiry forms
  • Guest Books
  • Advanced Search functions
  • Classified Advert Management
  • Business Directories
  • Newsletter Registration
  • Events Listings
  • Q+A / FAQ Management
  • Member Registration / Management
  • Information Portal Management

The following AbsolPublisher websites make use of these functions:

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in more information regarding Online Business Websites.

Intranet systems are crucial in allowing corporate personnel to access the information they need to perform their tasks. A properly designed Intranet system allows all its users to communicate easily with each other and as a result, function more efficiently.

Functions covered by an intranet system could include the following:

  • Multiple time-zone clocks
  • Corporate Contact Details (Employee Search)
  • Internal Corporate News
  • Document repository
  • Company Policy Documents
  • Corporate Details
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Corporate Identity / Stationary
  • Financial Documents
  • Product Documentation and Comparison
  • Internal Classifieds Advertising
  • Events Calendar
  • Discussion forums

Please feel free to contact us if you want more information regarding Intranet solutions.

Extranet systems encapsulate all the functionality of an Intranet system, and include certain public functions as well. These functions allow access to crucial information to be accessed by customers and corporate partners.

These functions include:

  • Multiple time-zone clocks
  • Corporate Contact Details (Employee Search)
  • Internal Corporate News
  • Document repository
    • Company Policy Documents
    • Corporate Details
    • Marketing Collateral
    • Corporate Identity / Stationary
    • Financial Documents
    • Product Documentation and Comparison
  • Internal Classifieds Advertising
  • Events Calendar
  • Discussion forums
  • Secure chat application
  • Customer Management
  • Partner Management

Please feel free to contact us if you want more information regarding Extranet solutions.

Online Magazine websites require that content is kept up-to-date at all times. Subscribers and users of the website expect a constant flow of information in order to keep them interested.

AbsolPublisher contains several modules for management of such information including:

  • User registration / Authentication functions
  • Mail / SMS distribution functions (for news letter subscriptions)
  • News Syndication (in and out)
  • Advanced article search functions
  • Discussion forums

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in more information regarding Online Magazine Websites.

Looking for even moreinformationregarding theAbsolPublishersolution?

Feel free to contact us with further enquiries regarding the AbsolPublisher Solution.