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Key Features

Hassle-free manipulation of content:

Classify documents easily through the use of a tree hierarchy. This makes locating documents simpler and helps to make your job easier.
Easily search for, add, remove and edit images and other components. Components can also be reused across the website, which saves time uploading images and other elements.
Easily design copy with the AbsolPublisher Content Editor. No HTML knowledge is needed and no upload process required; content is manipulated directly from your web browser.
Editing gets done through a familiar, easy-to-use interface. This means that you can access administration functions quickly and efficiently.
Update your website from any connected computer in the world. No client application installation necessary.
Manipulate content by clicking and dragging. This means that you can move documents, images, text and media around your website with ease.
Recover documents deleted by accident using the built-in recycle bin.


Rapid website development:

The system employs object-oriented design concepts and makes the AbsolPublisher system powerful, flexible and robust.
The dynamic structure means that you are not restricted to standard modules; plugins can be developed to meet your specific business requirements.


Get to know your user:

Control the information that is captured from your users by using the AbsolPublisher Form Designer.
Gather e-mail addresses, names and other information entered on your website and manage the collected data via the AbsolPublisher User Manager.


Offer an excellent user experience:

Provide a consistent design accross all pages and content displays.
Provide your users with interactive experiences by giving them access to discussion forums, voting polls and competitions, all handled from within the AbsolPublisher environment.
Offer a 'members only' section to your users, a premium service for your valued customers.
Customize your visitors' experience by delivering content specific to their requirements, based on their profiles and logged information.


Control content:

Specify the stages through which any given document must progress before going 'live' on your website. Control documents stages and workflow.
Eliminate bad copy from being exposed to your users.


Remove the need to manually publish content:

Automatically publish or archive content on any given date or time so you will not have to remember when to remove content from the website - it is done automatically.


Make sure your content stays intact:

Receive notifications when specified content is changed by someone other than yourself.
Control permissions on documents so that people who should not have access to certain information cannot add, view, edit or delete the information.


Automatic notification of content updating:

Choose to be notified when content becomes 'old' and needs to be updated.


Publishing permissions:

Control who has access to which content sections, pages, documents or media.


Keep in contact with your user-base:

Allow users to subscribe to your newsletter.
Generate sales leads through your user-base.
Send out email notifications to your user-base.
Send SMS messages to your users' mobile phones.


Syndicate content and share data between websites:

RSS functionality. AbsolPublisher provides fully automated XML support to make this possible.
Syndicate content from any source using AbsolPublisher's proprietary data-parser.
Push content to any number of destinations.
Import user-profile data from external sources, such as Microsoft Excel or CSV files.
Retrieve client login details from your CRM system or any external source.
Generate spreadsheets from your collected information.