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Technical Overview

The developers of the AbsolPublisher Content Management System have extensive knowledge and over 20 years of experience in the field of internet development. Using the modular AbsolPublisher system, Absol will design an interface for your website, configure the system, and get your internet presence up and running in a matter of weeks. The AbsolPublisher system has been specifically designed to be flexible and dynamic and additional functionality can be easily 'plugged-in' as required.


As competitive as Absol's pricing already is, quotes are completed on demand, so you only pay for the modules you need.


AbsolPublisher has been designed with internet standards in mind and can provide seamless responsive user interfaces for any platform. Furthermore, AbsolPublisher exposes an API, which allows external systems to both push and pull information from the system.

On top of this, AbsolPublisher includes a server-side scripting language based on Java, called PEBBLE (Publishing Environment Basic Language Engine), and can be used by trained webmasters to maintain and add ad-hoc functionality to the website.

"...All of these functions provide a complete Web Management system to suit almost any requirements..."


Since scalability is always a concern, the system has a comprehensive caching system used to display commonly viewed pages in lightning-quick times. Many high-end websites use the system, and it has been tested extensively in many configurations. AbsolPublisher makes use of the latest cloudbased highly scalable Microsoft database solution, SQL Server.

The AbsolPublisher framework offers interfaces that allow a complete web solution to be implemented and controlled during its lifetime.

Absol also provides hosting and domain registration services but will install the system on any Windows-based server, as is required currently by a host of high-profile websites.

Document and data workflow is completely flexible. The AbsolPublisher system handles workflow processes automatically and time-based workflow options allow the automatic management of content associated schedules.


The functions above are a basic technical overview of the AbsolPublisher Content Management System. Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like more information.