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Publisher Upgrades 12 Sep 2005

We have taken the liberty to upgrade the version of AbsolPublisher running your website. The latest version of the system (version 3.8.130) has many changes and improvements from the previous version. You will notice if you log-in to the backend of your website, there are a number of key changes.

Control Panel:

When you log into the Administration system you will be presented with the Control panel. This view gives you the ability to quickly check pertinent information quickly and easily. The amount of users using the website, a list of the 10 most popular documents, a list of the tasks you most often perform, and a graph displaying a daily break down of the number of impressions your homepage receives is presented to you as well as a number of other useful functions. These functions are designed to provide key information as well as ease the task of administrating your website. If you wish to switch to the standard view, simply click on the ‘Explorer’ button toward the bottom of your browser.

Folder views

You will notice when displaying a list of documents in a folder, documents are now broken down into groups. These groups are displayed according to the sort order of the list. Changing the order of the documents will change the groups displayed, you can see this in action by clicking on ‘Unique Name’ or ‘Creator’ link in the heading of the document listing. On top of this, the way that documents are viewed can be changed using the button entitled ‘Change Folder View’ (normally the last one from the left of the toolbar) You will be able to select one of the following options, ‘Standard View’ ‘Thumbnail View’ and ‘Metrics View’. The Metrics view displays usage for the documents in the folder. The thumbnail view displays images in thumbnail format and is primarily used for the Media Libraries and Image Libraries.

Saved Queries:

Sometimes it is necessary to perform the same search at different times. Saved queries allow you to specify a search (using the search tab in the ‘Site Navigation’ frame on the left) and save the search definition for easy execution at a later stage. You can save a search query by clicking on the disk button on the search results page. Saved queries can be useful because they allow you to perform canned searches quickly with the click of a button, all you need to do to re-execute the search is click on the ‘Saved Queries’ tab in the ‘Site Navigation’ frame.


This module tracks users on your website and allows you to see quickly and easily where your users are going and where their interests lie. When you open one of the sections in your website, you will see an additional tab at the top of the right hand frame entitled ‘Metrics Reports’. This allows you to see usage statistics for the selected section. By using the drop down selection in the toolbar, you will be able to see which sub-sections, articles or products in the selected section are most popular, as well as a daily break down of the amount of times the section and any of the section’s sub-sections or documents has been accessed by your users. Results are graphed for easy viewing. This function does however require that you install a Java Virtual Machine before it will function. If you require a Java Virtual Machine, please feel free to contact us, the software is easy to install and free.

Page Design:

When you open a document, you will see a new tab in the right frame entitled ‘Design’. The Design module allows you to switch out certain blocks and insert custom functionality into specific pages on the front-end website. Blocks can be switched out, and re-organized easily by you according to your requirements. This allows you to control the what-goes-where aspect of every page of your website. Although this option will be visible to you, certain groundwork will need to be done before you can make full use of this function. If you are interested in making use of this function, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Under the hood:

In an on going effort to keep our status as the top ECM / CMS solution offering in South Africa, the Absol Development team has also gone to great lengths to improve the stability and speed of the system. Many changes have been made to optimize the system and provide greater reliability.  Error reporting has been beefed up as well, the system will now notify Absol Developers of any problems your site encounters so that we can provide you with pro-active service. And if your site goes down after 5PM for any reason, Absol technicians will receive a SMS on their mobile informing them of the problem. So you can rest assured, you are covered.

 For screenshots, a demonstration or training, please don’t hesitate to contact Alex Shiells via email, his email address is