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Internet Business and the AbsolPublisher Solution

Absol Internet Business Solutions, web analytics and content management specialists, are helping companies move their business dealings online by providing technology that improves efficiency, saves time and yields better results. Taking the step to put your business online can be an intimidating one, and Absol make it clear that keeping the focus on your business needs is the most important factor to consider when investing in internet technology.

“We take your business needs and our service levels very seriously, delivering customer satisfaction is our primary goal”, says Mac Anamourlis, CEO of Absol. “Too many internet investments are aligned towards the use of cutting edge technology, or are initiated on the favoured development platform of the moment, but at Absol we believe in focusing on a company's business needs and devising a strategy that best fits a company's existing investment in technology as well as it's future.”

Unlike many other Internet applications that are bulky, confusing and require a huge investment in infrastructure, Absol’s flagship product, AbsolPublisher, is a web based Content Management System that focuses on functionality required in the day to day management of an internet presence, company intranet or comprehensive portal. The web based administration interface is presented to the user in a structured, easy to use, familiar design, making any member of an organisation a qualified webmaster and contributor to the web site.

  "...AbsolPublisher provides a complete solution for the management and administration of an entire online presence..."

Robust, intuitive and feature rich, AbsolPublisher stands out from traditional content management systems in many aspects of its design. Backed by a history of 5 years development and a dedicated team of skilled professionals, the latest version of AbsolPublisher accommodates just about every feature or process currently possible on a web site, intranet or portal. This includes features such as voting polls, surveys, discussion forums, guest books, custom contact forms, secure login/registration, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing, comprehensive search facilities and other more innovative components such as competitions, user management tools, smart-caching and media management.

The functionality of the product also extends far beyond the common feature sets found in most other systems. Multi-level workflow capabilities, bulk data import/export, content scheduling and notification, content previews, recycle bin, syndication, personalisation, messaging (Email, SMS, Fax etc.) and e-commerce facilities are just few of the advanced features and add-ons that are available to AbsolPublisher users.

AbsolPublisher provides a complete solution for the management and administration of an entire online presence and is suited for personal, business, corporate, enterprise and commercial sites, as well as intranets and web portals. Extensive functionality has been developed in all of these areas and standard templates have been created for each, dramatically reducing development time and saving costs.

“There are no boundaries when it comes to an AbsolPublisher solution.” Says Mac, “Many people commonly attempt to mix and match various systems and technologies to benefit from the best parts of each. They invariably end up incurring ridiculous overheads and are serviced through multiple parties. We offer a system that shapes to a user’s specifications, during development as well as through the business lifecycle. Plug-ins, an open extensible API and our own proprietary programming language enables us to design, develop and make changes quickly and at any stage during a web site’s life.”

The simple process of implementing an AbsolPublisher solution entails the typical meeting with the prospective client to present ourselves, our product and services. The important part is in reviewing their business and its objectives which enables us to propose a solution that best fits their needs.

From there on proceedings are realtively easy; designing and implementing the solution, testing, training and finally, making it available to the world.

With clients like the Department of Communications, YFM Radio and CosmeticWeb and international clients such as MicrOpay and Sybiz powered by the AbsolPublisher solution, Absol pride themselves in delivering value to businesses and organisations who demonstrate a definite need to embrace internet technology in their business.