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Africa Business Direct

Company Overview

Africa Business Direct is a US and Africa-based company focused on helping African companies expand their international business presence, within Africa and globally. This expansion requires strong trade and investment links with other countries, so ABD also provide assistance to international companies seeking to identify and develop business opportunities in Africa.

The Africa Business Direct website was initially set up to be a web portal containing both in-house content as well as content sourced from various locations on the web regarding trade to and from Africa.

The ABD portal contains numerous links to legal and informative articles on the web regarding this topic and currently contains more than 1500 links to external websites.

"This development demonstrates the Web Portal capabilities of the AbsolPublisher system", says Andrew Kinnear, Chief Architect of the AbsolPublisher Content Management system. Information is gathered manually by Africa Business Direct staff and entered into the AbsolPublisher system, thereby making it available to the world.

The portal presents a number of areas which cover different aspects of the Trade Industry:

  1. News Center: The latest industry news
  2. Travel Center: Information useful for business travelers.
  3. Market Intelligence Center: Information aiding in business research
  4. Trade Center: Information about trading
  5. Investment Center: Information relevant to investment attraction
  6. Franchise Center: Information about franchise opportunities
  7. Training Center: Links to information regarding management training.

"Africa Business Direct has attracted more than 10,000 impressions per month during its 2 years in existence," says Andrew, "This is indicative of the continuous need for web portals, and ultimately proving their success."

Because of ABDís commitment to keeping the portal up-to-date and current, the portal attracts a large amount of traffic and ultimately fulfils the web users expectations by delivering information they need.