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More Information

Advertising Campaigns 

Advertising campaigns supported by AbsolBanners can be as simple as a pool of 3 adverts which rotate evenly across 3 pages on a web site or campaigns can be as detailed as a pool of 20 adverts to be rotated across numerous pages on a site with specific click-though limits, page positions and timeframe limits. AbsolBanners supports an unlimited number of banners per campaign and an unlimited number of campaigns per website

Who is AbsolBanners for? 

  • Web Administrators and Advertising Executives: AbsolBanners is a tool developed to enable a web site administrator or advertising agency to take full control of their advertising delivery needs. The power of AbsolBanners is in its simplicity of use in managing complicated and overlapping campaigns. A web site administrator is able to upload banner adverts and control the delivery of such adverts through a simple, menu driven administrative user interface. The administrator is then able to log in to a live tracking system that reports in great detail on all web sites, pages and adverts used on sites associated with him.
  • Advertisers: Secure login access is also provided for each individual advertiser who owns any of the advertising banners hosted on sites utilizing the AbsolBanners service. Advertisers are able to view, in real-time, all the statistical and graphical information specific to all the adverts linked to their account.