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AbsolBanners provides a facility for web site owners to host internet based advertising banners on their web pages secure in the knowledge that all the advert impressions are being accurately counted and each and every click-through recorded.

Standard Features:

Most internet development companies are able to provide some form of statistical analysis on content served via their systems, whereas AbsolBanners offers a rich range of features and services over and above those sourced from traditional log files. These include: 

  • Peace of mind third Party advert delivery and auditing
  • Detailed, up to the minute, statistical and graphical reporting
  • Focused advert delivery based on web site and ad banner categories
  • Multiple advert rotation with weighting and client specific targeting
  • Fully featured, secure, remote administration facilities
  • Login facilities for each advertiser to view up-to-the-minute statistics and graphical reporting
  • Ability to track all adverts, including those traditionally missed due to caching
  • High speed, reliable advert delivery
  • The ability to automatically start and end campaigns based on predetermined dates and times
  • The ability to rotate adverts based on impression and click-through goals reached

AbsolBanners is a service developed to provide a web site administrator or advertising agency with the facility to take full control of targeted, advertising delivery and tracking via a system that is powerful and easy to use.

With very little or even no training the administrator will become empowered with the ability to create advertising campaigns that suit the overall web site and the advertiser.