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Ease-of-Use Features

AbsolBanners offers the following key features to turn your web site into an income generating business with little, or no, technical expertise:

  • Facility for remote uploading of images/banners. Images can be Flash, Java applets, or HTML based banners
  • Ability to specify a weight per image/banner, so that an image can show more, or less often than other images on a page
  • Banner positions can be easily specified on specified page plans
  • Banner saturation limits the number of times an image is seen by a visitor
  • Grouping of banners into logical campaigns
  • Grouping of campaigns per advertiser
  • Specifying of a target URL per campaign, or per banner
  • Allocation of campaigns to different pages with start/end dates and/or maximum impressions

The system will calculate the number of impressions required per day and 'spread' the impressions between start and end dates based on max impressions required, thereby fulfilling a client's order exactly as requested:

  • Certain time slots during the day can be excluded from banner delivery for a specific campaign
  • Both summary and detailed reports are offered on all banners and all campaigns
  • Ability to view campaign results per page and page results per campaign
  • The Global Report has a per day and a per hour breakdown, as well as a Top 30 pages report
  • All the reports can be exported to a comma delimited file, which can then be imported to any spreadsheet, like for instance Microsoft Excel
  • Ability for advertisers to log in and view their latest statistics
  • Unique anti-caching techniques that allow for realistic impression tracking
  • Easy to learn graphical interface to eliminate the need for contacting support for any changes
  • Click-through tracker: This can be used for newsletters, whereby only click-throughs will be tracked, and no rotation is necessary.