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is a robust, high quality and reliable web visitor analysis tool that provides 24-hour access to up-to-the-minute in-depth traffic reports that monitor all visitor activity to and around any web site.

AbsolStats is hosted on
Sun Microsystems servers

Just imagine being able to predict the actions of visitors to your web site. You would know exactly where to place your next advert, precisely which pages to update and accurately deduce what type of new content to add to keep your visitors coming back for more.

AbsolStats tracks total, peak, low and average impressions and visits per day, per month and per year and delivers this information via a comprehensive reporting system that is available 24/7. AbsolStats gathers weekly and hourly compound impressions so you can see exactly when your web site experiences the largest volumes of traffic. Sell prime advertising space to potential advertisers or use this information to increase the popularity of your services.  

"AbsolStats is the perfect solution for businesses that would like to deliver what their visitors want. These businesses make the most of their web presence."

AbsolStats tracks visitor trends and therefore allows you to effectively manage the flow of guests visiting your site. See which of your products draws the most attention and deliver the most relevant content to certain pages in order to increase product sales. Visitor movement is carefully tracked, logged and indexed and is easily available to you via a simple web interface.


Identify specific patterns of flow within your web site and use the AbsolStats page movement statistics to your advantage. Respond to customer demand and further client relations by analyzing statistics and providing appropriate promotional material to your visitors.

AbsolStats also collects and makes additional information available, such as the web browser, operating system and internet service provider that your visitors use, as well as the country in which they are situated.

This information enables you to form a complete picture of the viewing audience. You can utilise these accurate statistics to evaluate content and navigation on the site to give yourself the opportunity to maximise the potential of well-worn routes and links. Your greatest success as a web site owner will come from knowing and especially anticipating the habits of your audience.

AbsolStats is the perfect solution for businesses that would like to deliver what their visitors want. These businesses make the most of their web presence.

AbsolStats is a Microsoft .NET Connected product

The Microsoft .NET Connected Logo program identifies AbsolStats as being optimized for the next generation of data sharing and delivery technologies and allows users or third-party developers to fashion their own representation of their statistical data by means of the offered web service.

With the .NET Connected Logo under its belt, AbsolStats offers customers an independently tested product and the knowledge that they can trust and rely on the data integrity, security and quality of information that AbsolStats provides. 

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