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Other Interesting Developments :.

Absol specializes in developing custom solutions right across the board and our expertise is what sets us apart from competitors.

The following selected projects demonstrate our diverse skill set and aptitude for building real world solutions that work to our clients' advantage.

Language Portal Presentation

Unveiled the digital opening presentation of the South African Language Portal for key members in the country, including President Thabo Mbeki and Communications Minister Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri.

Y-Fi Wireless Hotspot

Implemented the WiFi wireless hotspot for YFM at the Zone in Rosebank. The hotspot, named Y-Fi, provides high speed wireless internet access from anywhere within the mall.

Visual Tours 3D Applet

Built an applet designed to simulate three dimensional panoramic views of a scene within a web page.

Pastel Campus

Built the Pastel Campus system for Pastel South Africa. The system is a booking service that manages seminars, events and training sessions for Pastel clients and trainees.

Kumba Resources

Developed a training portal for Kumba Resources, a mining division of ISCOR. The project included operations such as course demonstrations, server maintenance, CMS functionality and a custom training application.

Pastel Referral

Developed fully comprehensive referral system for Pastel South Africa. The system is used to manage and credit individuals who introduce others to the Pastel accounting system.


Absol was contracted to develop, maintain and support software for MasterSkill.


AbsolBaseline is an in-house desktop application that allows us to quickly and efficiently develop scalable templates for the AbsolPublisher Publishing Environment. AbsolBaseline communicates directly with the AbsolPublisher Framework via XML over the web, allowing third-party developers to quickly deploy robust web sites built on the AbsolPublisher system.


Absol was awarded a tender for the development of an ERP, CRM and e-commerce enabled internet site for cosmetics company, Annique.


Developed robust and secure online chat applet for the Department of Communications' Presidential International Advisory Council. AbsolChat is powered by AbsolPublisher Server and partners with AbsolMercury to form a full real-time communication gateway for your online business.


AbsolMercury is a powerful, simple and effective messaging and chat tool. Powered by AbsolPublisher Server, AbsolMercury brings secure business communication right to the desktop. Participate in public and private discussions in real-time with members within your organisation - across the globe!

What A Lovely Pair

Developed an online card game for Tony Blewitt, a DJ who has presented shows at radio stations 5FM and 94.7 Highveld Stereo. The game was run as a competition, with the lowest scoring time winning the prize.